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New Client : Information

Our goal is to empower each of our clients to attain and maintain a state of health and wellness in their life. In alignment with this goal, there is a reduced fee, 30-minute initial consultation in which you can meet with Marshall to conduct a health evaluation and learn more about how acupuncture or Cranio-sacral Therapy can help with your health concerns. This is a perfect opportunity to ask any question you may have or determine if this is the right treatment
for you.

Acupuncture appointments

The initial acupuncture visit will last approximately 75 minutes. Return visits are typically 45 minutes. In the initial acupuncture treatment, I will ask you questions about your primary health concern, as well as your health history and different aspects of your state of health. Because Oriental Medicine addresses the entire body and not just individual symptoms, you will be asked a number of different questions that may not seem related to your condition but will help to form an overall picture of how your entire system is functioning.

This is followed by an exam in which I feel your pulses, examine your tongue and conduct a physical examination based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) or Japanese Meridian Therapy. This provides me with information about the internal state of your body. From this information I am able to choose the most appropriate treatment for you to effectively address your health concerns.

Acupuncture and herbal medicine have a cumulative effect, similar to the way exercise and a good diet can improve your health. A series of treatments is recommended for many conditions to achieve the maximum benefit. You may feel significantly better after your first visit but it is important to understand that disease or dysfunction in the body typically occurs over time and a series of treatments is required to re-establish a state of health and balance. Your commitment to the healing process and treatment plan is paramount for achieving optimal results.

For acute or sudden illnesses such as recent injury, colds or the flu, the course of treatment is generally 3-6 treatments with a few possible follow-up sessions. For more chronic disorders that you have had for many months or years, the course of treatment is typically 6-18 sessions with monthly follow-up sessions.

Massage therapy appointments

At your first session, you will have a short intake form to fill out. Please try to arrive to your appointment at least 10 minutes early so that you can fill this out without cutting into your treatment time. To ensure that you make the most of your session, please try to arrive to your subsequent appointment a few minutes early. This way you can get the full 60 minute treatment.

Cranio-sacral Therapy appointments

Cranio-sacral sessions are 1 hour and 15 minutes in length. We begin by briefly discussing any health or wellness issues you may have and then you will lie on the table fully clothed and we proceed with the session.


Client download pages

Please print and complete the appropriate forms and bring them with you to your initial appointment.

Before your appointment

Your appointment is a time set aside to address your health concerns and needs. It is an important time for you. We are here to support you in your health goals. To gain the most of our session together, please make a note of the following guidelines.

Be sure you have eaten a meal about 2-3 hours before your appointment.
Schedule your appointment carefully, at a time convenient for you. We encourage patients not to schedule so tightly that they become stressed about time during the appointment.
Give yourself enough time to arrive at the appointment on time or slightly early to be in relaxed state.
If possible, wear loose, comfortable clothes.
Stay hydrated before and after your session by drinking pure water.
Eat a heavy meal immediately before your session.
Plan any strenuous or stressful activities after your session.
Brush or scrape your tongue the day of your acupuncture appointment, as I will want to examine its natural state.
Drink anything that may color your tongue before your session, such as coffee, tea, soda or juice.
Engage in sexual activity immediately before your appointment.
Come to your appointment under the influence of alcohol, caffeine or other drugs.


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